People-oriented, quantity is applicable,innovation beyond, common success DEGPAG talent is the Company's main strength, people do their best.

Incentive management mechanism, pay attention to the spirit of groupcooperation, adhere to the "communication, mutual assistance andcooperation" style of work, fully reflect the advantages of each member,try to provide each member with a good space for development, truly only use,people make the best of their talents. Insist on "today's best result isthe minimum standard for tomorrow"! Everyone has talent. Focus on thepresent, development and future of each individual. The success of talent isthe company's greatest success. Advocate "the common development ofindividuals and enterprises."


Hiring requirements:

Virtue first, product first, first work,then be a person, virtue and both


The concept of talent introduction:

Foreign to avoid hatred, not to avoidrelatives, virtue and both, Haina Baichuan


The idea of cultivating virtue:

People fit their posts, their posts fittheir people, people make the best use of their talents


Talent growth philosophy:

Career development, human nature management.

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